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Package A
The Certificate in TEFL course programme
Package A

If you are new to teaching English and would like to persue a career in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) , then this package is perfect  for you!

The Cert TEFL will qualify you to teach anywhere in the world in language schools and colleges and, if you also enrol on Package B, The Diploma in Teaching English Online, you can also teach from your own home via the Internet to students all over the globe.

As soon as you enrol on this course, you will be assigned a personal tutor who will guide and help you through the course materials. He or she will also mark your answer papers and answer any questions you may have.

Certificate in TEFL:

The LTTC Certificate in TEFL is now available for fast entry into a career in teaching English as a foreign language - 60 hours approx. Designed for those in a hurry, this initial qualification will put you on the road to getting that first job. The certificate can be completed as little as 10 days and  you can begin whenever you want to and finish at your own convenience.

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language


The ’Natural Way’


Terms and definitions
Countable and uncountable nouns
Verbs; Modal and auxiliary

Teaching and Learning Grammar

Presenting a structure
Grading language
Mistakes and correction
Recycling language
Practice and Production

Teaching vocabulary

Words and sentences
Using dictionaries
Choosing vocabulary
How to teach vocabulary

Teaching Productive skills; Speaking and Writing

Accuracy vs. Fluency
Communication    activities
The stages of writing
Correction techniques

Teaching receptive skills; Listening and reading

Different types of listening skills
Teaching listening skills
The stages of reading
Reading activities and materials

Materials and aids

Using flashcards, pictures and regalia
How to organize the board
Using the overhead projector
The use of video
Authentic materials

Teaching Pronunciation

The phonetic chart
Stress, rhythm and intonation
Mother tongue interference
Practical activities

Lesson Planning

Teaching different types of classes
Pair and group work
The contents of a lesson
The stages of a lesson
Getting feedback

Teaching young learners and teenagers

Basic principles
Teaching on holiday course
Practical activities and lesson types

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