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Package B
The EFL ONLINE Tutor course is your passport to anywhere in the world from your own home.

In package B you will receive:

The Diploma in  Teaching English Online course programme
The services of a Personal Tutor
Resource materials
Access to Library
Free membership of the Association of Online Teachers

By the time you have successfully  completed this course you should be able to :

  •  Teach English as a foreign or second language online
  •  Manage Online Conferencing Systems
  • Create a Course Syllabus and Learner Outcomes
  • Create Course Materials
  • Make a Course Evaluation
  • Control Course Management
  • Have the ability to access and manage both ready- made materials and those you have created yourself
  • Have the confidence to apply for an online teaching post at an established school
  • Be inspired to set up your own online teaching business

Although for the purposes of this program we are using the terminology of EFL-Teaching English as a Foreign Language it all equally applies to those more familiar with the term TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

For the purposes of this course it is assumed that you already have basic computer keyboard skills, can copy and paste, have an e-mail address and know how to use the Internet.

No specific technical knowledge is required. Please note: While broadband is not absolutely essential it is highly recommended, as it is very problematic having a slow connection.  

The course consists of six modules with accompanying online workshops. In each workshop, you will be required to complete various practical tasks which form the mode of assessment.


Module One Online Teaching:


Online Workshop 1


Module Two Getting started


Online Workshop 2


Module Three Materials and resources

Online Workshop 3


Module Four From Traditional Classroom to Online Classroom

Online Workshop 4


Module Five Checking and testing learning effectiveness

Online Workshop 5


Unit Six Setting up a web site

Online Workshop 6



Setting up a business

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Task checklist